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Native American Show Presentations

Unity through Diversity

Native Spirit Productions is proud to provide an opportunity for our clients to take a step back into the culture and dances of the Native Americans. Through our entertaining as well as educational presentations our clients can learn about the origins as well as the purpose of many of the dances. Native Spirit Productions provides a full array of Native American social dances. Native Spirit Productions has been performing throughout the United States and Europe since 1995. Native Spirit Productions has many preplanned shows to choose from and can also custom tailor the show around the needs of the clientele. All Native Spirit Dancers are adult professional performers.

Requirements for All Dance Shows

24′(W) x 12′(D) Dance area Preferable on Secure Risers for Larger Groups. Sound System to be provided by Hotel or Client Appropriate for Audience and Room Size During Inclement Weather (rain, extreme cold or temperatures over 105 Degrees) Dressing room to be provided. Due to the religious significance of the regalia, no Restrooms, please. The sound system can be provided at a nominal charge.

Hoop Dance Presentation

10 to 15 minutes. The hoop dance is consistently the most-requested dance throughout the United States and overseas. The dance includes a complete explanation and utilizes anywhere from five to forty-five hoops.
Total number of Performers: 2

Two Dancer Presentations

20 minutes. This presentation is very similar to the three dancer presentation, but only the number of dancers is limited to two and is considered more educational and personal. This package is recommended for smaller more informal parties.
Total number of Performers: 2

Three Dancer Presentations

20 to 35 minutes. This presentation is designed around a three dancer presentation. These shows are highly entertaining as well as educational in nature. Each dancer is adorned in traditional attire. The shows represent dances from throughout Indian country today. This is by far the most popular presentation.
Total number of Performers: 3

Additional Dancers

20 to 35 minutes. This Presentation consists of adding additional dancers to the above presentation. Price is per additional dancer and is not a standalone presentation.

Requirements for Artisan Presentation: 6-foot banquet table with adequate lighting and 1 chair.

Native Spirit Productions can provide a large selection of both southwestern as well as plains tribes’ artisans. All artisans are very professional and very knowledgeable about the origins of their artwork. The artist can also make items available for purchase. Examples of artists would include, but not be limited to; Navajo rug weavers, sand painters, silversmiths, Hopi kachina carvers, painters, and bead workers. Read more ⇒

Native American Flute

The Native American Flute is a very soothing and relaxing addition to any event. The flute has been used for thousands of years as a way to soothe the soul and to put balance into the lives of those listening. The flute is often used at banquets, weddings, and cookouts. Read more ⇒

Native Spirit Duo/Trio

Built around the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute, the Native Spirit Trio is a relaxing compilation of traditional music with a modern flair of guitar, keyboard, and percussion. Native Spirit Trio is led by multi recording artist Brian Hammill. A Modest sound system is provided. Read more ⇒

Native American Blessing

Approximately 7 – 10 minutes. Done in the traditional manner and in traditional attire, this is a great start to any series of events.

These lectures are a very fun and informative way to learn about Native American customs, traditions, cultural heritage, and stereotypes.

NEW! We are currently able to provide a small P.A. system for use during flute, lectures and dance shows The fees are for the time of the presentation only. Early set-up and late take-down times are additional.


We offer a variety of corporate and school events, presentations, and demonstrations. Get in touch with us to learn more >>


We offer a variety of corporate and school events, presentations, and demonstrations. Get in touch with us to learn more >>

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