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Generation - CD $12/ea.

Generations CD

2009 Nammy Nominee


Release Date: June 15th "Father's Day". This is more of an up beat CD, but still has the combination of the the soothing sounds of Native American Flute, keyboard, and guitar. This is the best one yet with a musical collaboration with Bryan Schroeder. This album is available only on CD.

Youthful Journey, Twilight Dance, Upon the Wind, Canyon Dreams, Stones Throw, Devotion, Awakening of Destiny, Legends, Native Pulse

Reflections - CD $12/ea.

Reflections CD

2007 Nammy Nominee

This is more of a relaxation CD. A musical collaboration with Bryan Schroeder. A combination of the piano and the soothing sounds of Native American Flute. This album is available only on CD.

Waters Edge, Gathering, Reflections, Faded Memories, Hearts Journey, Sweet Lullaby, Canyon Dance

New Beginnings (Native American Flute) - CD $12/ea.

New Beginnings CD

2005 Nammy Nominee

A musical collaboration with Bryan Schroeder, this is one of his most original and insightful projects to date. A combination of guitar, piano and percussion revolving around the soothing sounds of Native American Flute. This album is only available on cd.

Flight, Seclusion, Canyons, Blissful Daze, Meditate, A New Life, Western Influence, Eagles Blessing

Echoes in the Canyon (Native American Flute) - CD $12/ea.

Echoes In The Canyon CD

Released in 2000 this album was released by Brian Hammill. Over one year in the making it will truly become a favorite. The Music consists of Traditional flutes as well as Traditional singing. The music that is played on this web site comes from this album.

Heartbeat Special, Colors of the Wind, Whispering Echoes, Twilight Serenity, Doubles, Generations, Badlands, Amazing Grace

Formations of Life - DVD $15/ea.

Formations of Life CD

2007 Nammy Nominee

An Educational look at todays world of Hoop Dancing. Every formation tells a story and every story should be told. Witness the stories of the hoop dance unfold as championship hoop dancers from all across Indian country share their stories of the origins, meaning and love of the hoop dance. Filmed at the world renowned Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona, with special guest narration by screen legend Saginaw Grant, Formations of Life is a truly insightful look into the First Nation's most popular styles of Dance.

Echoes in the Canyon Video - $15.00/ea.

Echoes In The Canyon Video

2005 Nammy Nominee

Native Spirit Productions is proud to present its first video, Echoes in the Canyon. This 37 minute video is both informative as well as entertaining. You can learn about the origins and purpose of each of the dances as championship dancers demonstrate them.

The dances that are included are the Men's Northern and Southern Traditional, Grass Dance and Fancy Dance, as well as the women's Jingle Dress and Fancy Shawl. Also included is the ever popular hoop Dance. Throughout the presentation you will also get a chance to learn about the drum and Native Flute as well as witness the breaking of many stereotypes. This Video has been used all across the United States in Schools and homes and the reviews have been great.

Spirit Journey - $15.00/ea.

Spirit Journey Video

Spirit Journey was released in 2004, This 34 minute video is entertaining and a theatrical experience. The legends and stories of the First Nations are handed down from generation to generation. These changes and movement of knowledge are known as "Spirit Journeys". The journeys our spirits go through create the world in which we live in. Every journey is unique and adds to the spirit with each step. Spirit Journey shows the path of one spirit, from the beginning to the current generation of American Indian today. Join in and become apart of the vibrant and colorful culture of American Indian dance and song. Watch as the story comes to life with songs of old, enchanting flute, and voices of our children ... our future ... our Spirit Journey that guides our past ... present .. and future generations ... The Spirit Journeys of our people.

Native American Flutes - $40/ea.

Native American Flutes

Created by the skillful hands of Jonah Thompson these handcrafted flutes will bring hours of entertainment as well as relaxation to your home. The Native American Flute was traditionally used for courtship. If a young man wanted to win the heart of a young lady he would sit outside of her lodge and play this instrument in hopes of winning her heart.

Jonah believes that anyone who wants a flute should be able to own one so he has created a flute that is in tune as well as very affordable. The sugar pine flutes start at $40 dollars and increase from there. All of the flutes come with basic instructions.

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