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Native Spirit works with professional Native American performers from all across Indian Country. These dances are intertribal in nature and are shared at our pow-wows and various social gatherings. None of these dances are ceremonial in nature however the beauty and energy from these dances are said to put blessings and good feelings into the hearts of all who watch. Each dance tells its own story and by clicking on the link you can learn the stories of the individual dances.

Specialty Hoop Dance

The hoop dance is consistently the most-requested dance throughout the United States. The hoops symbolize a sacred part of Native American life. It represents the circle of life with no beginning and no ending. Watch as the dancer begins with one hoop and keeps adding and weaving the hoops into formations that represent our journey through life. Each added hoop represents another thread in the web of life.

Specialty Eagle Dance

The eagle is respected and honored by many of the nations indigenous to the United States. Many nations feel that the Eagle delivers all of their prayers to the creator. Watch as the dancer transforms into this majestic animal as the dance represents the flight of the Eagle.

Men’s Northern Traditional Dance

The air erupts with the sound of the drum as the dancer goes low to the earth as if looking for the tracks of a not so distant enemy. As the song increases in tempo, the story begins to take place. This dance is said to be one of the oldest styles of dance to have originated from the northern plains. The dance was said to be a story dance, which was used after a battle or hunt to depict and share the experience of the day’s events to all of the people in the encampment. The regalia are more traditional in nature including such items as the bone breastplate, coupe stick, shield and a single bustle.

Men’s Grass Dance

Follow the rhythmic flow of the dancer gracefully moving across the stage as the ribbons and yarn adorning the regalia seemingly flow like the long prairie grasses. Originating from the northern plains, by the Omaha Nation, the grass dance has a long colorful history. Before any dances or ceremonies could take place, they would send out a select society of men known as the grass dance society. These men would have the responsibility of finding and preparing the dance arena. Once the area was selected they would flatten down the grass, fill in the holes and also bless the arena. It was said that after the dances were complete, the grass would rise back up as if no one had ever been there. The dancers would weave the sweet grasses and prairie grasses into their outfits. Throughout the years, the dancers began to weave the brighter ribbons and yarn into their regalia to replace the sweet grass.

Men’s Fancy Dance

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for the men’s fancy dance. Sit back and enjoy a kaleidoscope of color and movement as the dancer skillfully captures the attention of the audience. One of the fastest and most colorful styles of dance, the fancy dance is a true statement of speed, endurance, and personal expression. Originally referred to as the crazy dance, the dance incorporates brighter outfits and faster movements.

Men’s Southern Traditional Dance

This dance, which is said to have originated among the Ponca’s of the southern plains, is often referred to as the gentleman’s dance. The dance tells the story portraying the trackers and point men of the tribes. The dancer holds himself in a very dignified manner throughout the dance and in his hands he carries a point stick, which is used to place a circle around the track.

Women’s Jingle Dress Dance

Listen to the enchanting sounds of the metallic cones on this special dress as they come together, making a sound compared to the gentle sounds of rain. With its beginnings as a healing dance of the Ojibway Nation, this dance is performed in a non-ceremonial style. The cones upon the dress represent various prayers.

Women’s Fancy Shawl Dance

Envision the grace and beauty of a butterfly gracefully floating through the sky and you will know how this dance got its name. Nicknamed the butterfly dance, this style represents the beauty and grace of new life. The dance is very upbeat, yet the dancer never seems to touch the ground.


We offer a variety of corporate and school events, presentations, and demonstrations. Get in touch with us to learn more >>


We offer a variety of corporate and school events, presentations, and demonstrations. Get in touch with us to learn more >>

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