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Video Dance Performances

Native Spirit can provide many different types of dance presentations, ranging from one hoop dancer all the way up to 10 or more dancers. Each show is high-paced, entertaining and educational. These shows are often done to conclude an evening event or open a general session.

Hoop Dance Presentation

10 to 15 minutes. The hoop dance is consistently the most requested dance throughout the United States and overseas. The dance includes a complete explanation and utilizes anywhere from five to forty five hoops.
Total number of Performers: 2

Father and Son Hoop Presentation

The Native American culture is passed down from generation to generation, keeping the culture alive through the oral tradition. The father and son hoop dance is a great example of generational importance. This dance is done with five-time World Champion Brian Hammill and 2020 Teen World Champion Nedallas Hammill. The two have been dancing together since Nedallas was able to walk. This uniquely choreographed dance will be the talk of your guest for years to come.

Multi-Dancer Performance

The air erupts with the sound of the drum as the stage lights come up and the dancers in colorful Native Regalia fill the stage with amazing and high energy dancing. At Native Spirit many of our dance presentations highlight each individual dancer however with our multi-dancer presentations we can provide a choreographed, high-energy boost to any General Session or corporate event. The high-power shows show the strength and beauty of our championship dancers and can be done in a manner that leaves a lasting impact on all who attend. The time frame and number of performers for these shows can range from 3 minutes to 45 minutes based upon the needs of the client.

Double Fancy with Hoop Dance Presentations

Witness the breathtaking beauty and amazing footwork of two of the most powerful and popular dances in Indian country. Starting with the speed and athleticism of the men’s fancy dance. Two champion fancy dancers take their competitive skills onto the stage as they dance and spin to the music of their forefathers. The colorful bustles and regalia will captivate the crowd from the very beginning, all the way to the action packed conclusion. This show concludes with the high energy hoop dance and all three dancers concluding for an energetic climax.

Solo Native Flute

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the enchanting sounds and melodies of the native Flute. This relaxing instrument was originally used in courtship. The young man would sit outside of the lodge of the woman that he truly loved and play the flute as the sun was setting over the horizon. The flute is used at many different events today including corporate dinners, weddings, and private functions. This is a very relaxing instrument that truly creates a great atmosphere for your guest to converse and soak in the beauty of the Southwest.

Booked in hourly increments and can be performed acoustically or with amplification.

Four Dancer Presentations

Building off of the three dancer presentation, this show includes four unique dance styles and increases your guest exposure to the beauty of the Native American Culture. This show also concludes with the popular hoop dance. Great for groups of all sizes.


We offer a variety of corporate and school events, presentations, and demonstrations. Get in touch with us to learn more >>


We offer a variety of corporate and school events, presentations, and demonstrations. Get in touch with us to learn more >>

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